Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A national plan for hydrogen launched in France

Source: McPhy, 12th June 2018

  • McPhy applauds the commitment taken by the French government for the development of a decarbonized hydrogen sector within the framework of the energy transition
  • In 2019, 100 million euros will be earmarked for the deployment of clean hydrogen.

On Friday 1st June, Nicolas Hulot, State Minister and Minister of Ecology and Solidary Transition, in the presence of key actors in the sector, including McPhy, launched a strategic plan to support the deployment of hydrogen and to make France the world leader in this sector. In 2019, 100 million euros will be earmarked for the deployment of decarbonated hydrogen in industry, mobility and energy. McPhy applauds this very strong sign in favor of the deployment of the uses and technology of clean hydrogen, which in large part will be produced by the electrolysis of water.

Paris – La Motte-Fanjas, 12 June 2018, 5:45 p.m. – McPhy (Euronext Paris Compartment C: MCPHY, FR0011742329), specialist in equipment for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen, applauds the commitment taken by the French government for the development of a decarbonized hydrogen sector within the framework of the energy transition.

Pascal Mauberger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of McPhy declared: “Like McPhy, the technologies and industrial fabric are ready for France to position itself at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution and to actively participate in ‘scaling up’. We salute and give our full support to the national hydrogen plan, allowing us to take a further step and to create the conditions for strong and sustainable growth in this promising sector, capable of responding to energy, environmental, economic and societal challenges.”

A 3-axis plan to make France the world leader in hydrogen
Starting in 2019, 100 million euros will be earmarked for the implementation of the hydrogen deployment plan, organized around three main axes:

  • Creation of a decarbonized industrial sector, with an objective of 10% decarbonized hydrogen by 2023.
  • Development for zero emission solutions for road, rail, river, etc., transport with the deployment on the horizon for 2023 of 5,000 light utility vehicles, 200 heavy vehicles (bus, trucks, trains (TER), boats) and 100 hydrogen stations to refuel vehicles with locally produced hydrogen.
  • Increase in integration and storage capacities for renewable energies.

The hydrogen revolution calls for a change of scale

“Decarbonized hydrogen is the energy transition accelerator.” It was in using these words that Pascal Mauberger, by invitation from Nicolas Hulot, began his talk. He then continued, “the hydrogen revolution has begun,” citing the numerous projects already at work in the Hexagon.

The time has come for a “scale up”. Relying on its capacity for innovation, its leading edge industrial infrastructure and on its mastery of the entire hydrogen chain, McPhy intends to accompany its clients throughout their transformation and to permit clean hydrogen to achieve its full potential.

Thanks to its leading clients and partners, McPhy is well positioned to seize this scale up:

  • Industry: “augmented” electrolyzers for a new low carbon era in the sectors of chemical, refinery, steel…
  • Mobility: stations having the capacity to fuel a variety of hydrogen vehicles, from utility to buses and trucks, including cars and hydrogen trains .
  • Energy: long term storage solutions for very large volumes.

Reinforcing the competitiveness of water electrolysis is essential for the deployment plan of decarbonized hydrogen

The water electrolysis technology, producing on-site and on demand from renewable resources, clearly appears to be the cornerstone for the large-scale deployment of decarbonized hydrogen for industry, mobility and energy.

With its cutting-edge technology “Augmented McLyzer,” McPhy has taken a clear technological leadership for the sector, with a range that is continuously more efficient and competitive.

“Our capacity for innovation, the rapid growth of renewable energies and the support of the French government in favor of decarbonized hydrogen will all contribute, in the near future, to reinforcing the appeal and competitiveness of clean hydrogen.”, concluded Pascal Mauberger.

It should be noted that the launch of this plan was praised by AFHYPAC (the French Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association). President Philippe Boucly declared “all the conditions are in place to make France a leader in global competition,” and continued by reaffirming his total mobilization in order to accelerate the development of the French hydrogen sector.

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