Wednesday, 13 June 2018

1,000 Nigerians Killed - How Climate Change is Provoking Clashes Between Herdsmen and Farmers in Nigeria

Source: Ecologist, 22nd February 2018, by Chiagozie Udeh

Chiagozie Udeh reported, "(...) Herdsmen - for whom cattle is a source of livelihood and wealth - have killed approximately 1,000 Nigerians. (...) Due to expansive desertification, drought and unchecked deforestation in northern Nigeria, the herdsmen naturally seek greener pasture further south. As the resultant migration has intensified, so too has violent clashes over grazing lands between local farmers and pastoral herdsmen, whom the former accuse of wanton destruction of  their crops and forceful appropriation of their lands. The emerging conflict is further compounded by the shrinking of Lake Chad from 45,000km2 to 3000km2 in less than three decades. The consequence according to the United Nations, is the displacement of about 10.5 million people. It’s a combination of these factors that has pushed herders from north-eastern Nigeria, the region closest to Lake Chad, to the southern parts of the country. (...)"

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