Saturday, 14 April 2018

US: 5 kg H2 for US$ 80 in Thousand Oaks

Source: "Hydrogen fuel pump now online in T.O.", Thousand Oaks Acorn, 5th April 2018, by Kyle Jorrey

Kyle Jorrey reported, "Thousand Oaks recently became home to the only retail hydrogen fueling station in Ventura County and the 33rd in the state. The bright blue pump—located at a 76 station just north of the 101 Freeway at Hampshire Road—will operate 24 hours a day. It began filling up fuel cell electric vehicles March 30. Shane Stephens, chief development officer of First Element Fuel, which owns the pump, said Wednesday that the station has seen 45 cars since it went online, about seven per day. “That’s better than we expected,” Stephens said. Unlike gasoline, hydrogen is measured in kilograms, not gallons. Currently, a kilogram of H35 hydrogen fuel—equivalent to a gallon of gas—at the T.O. station costs $16.43, so a fill-up is around $80 considering the average tanks hold around 5 kilograms. At that price, the operating cost of the cars is around 20 cents per mile, as opposed to the 13-cents-per mile cost of operating the average gas-driven automobile. But most drivers with hydrogen cars aren’t paying for their own fuel. (...)

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