Saturday, 14 April 2018

Powerhouse Energy's partner targets 100 UK sites for hydrogen from waste process

Source: Proactive Investor, 13th April 2018

Powerhouse's DMG-CORE will use currently unrecyclable plastics and turn it into energy either for the operator or local distribution. PowerHouse Energy Group PLC (LON:PHE) has received details of the planned roll-out of its hydrogen-from-waste technology by partner Waste2Tricity. Using Powerhouse’s DMG-Core system at its heart, Waste2Tricity will aim for 100 installations in the UK and even more in Europe. DMG-Core will enable energy-from-waste and plastic groups to make money from their refuse, said Waste2Tricity’s executive deputy chairman Howard White. “The scaled-down model can be introduced to create a highly profitable, low-risk opportunity that will both solve a problem and increase the efficiency of current facilities, giving them the possibility of upgrading to hydrogen extraction and retail at the target price,” he said. (...) The PowerHouse process converts 25 tonnes of waste into 1 tonne H2 (hydrogen) per day and 28 Mwh per day of electricity. (...)"

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