Thursday, 5 April 2018

China: 74 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses to Operate in Zhangjiakou

Source: "74 Units Foton AUV & Yutong Fuel Cell Buses to Operate in Zhangjiakou", ChinaBus, 1st February 2018

ChinaBus reported, "On January 26, 74 units fuel cell buses successfully won the bids for Zhangjiakou city’s city bus procurement bidding. According to sources, with all these environmentally friendly vehicles put into operation, the city will boast the largest number of fuel cell buses in the whole world. Four bus makers attended the bidding. After several rounds of intense competition, Foton won an order of 49 units Foton AUV 10.5-meter fuel cell buses and Yutong won 25 units 12-meter fuel cell buses. All the 74 units vehicles are scheduled to hit the roads in Zhangjiakou early this year. (...)"

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