Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Power-to-Gas - Solving Renewable Energy’s Biggest Problem

Source: "Solving Renewable Energy’s Biggest Problem", OILPRICE.com, 17th March 2018, by Gary Norman

Gary Norman reported, "(...) It is indeed the ability to use existing infrastructure that makes power-to-gas so appealing. The North Sea for example, has an existing gas infrastructure. It is also home to offshore wind farms, with the green light having recently been given to construction of the world’s largest wind farm, which is scheduled to come online in 2023. The Hornsea Two project, along with its sister site Hornsea One will have the potential to generate nearly 2.6GW, enough to power in excess of two million homes. Using the preexisting gas pipeline infrastructure for power-to-gas will be a cost-effective way of ensuring that power can satisfy the demand of those homes, as and when it is needed. (...)"

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