Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dutchmen drive 2,888 km in 24 hours on hydrogen

Source: H2 MOBILITY, 26th March 2018

On Sunday March 25th three Dutchmen broke the current world record electric driving. In 24 hours they drove 2,888 kilometers with a hydrogen electric car. That’s a longer distance then the old world record of 2383 kilometer from ‘The Viking & The Scientist’ and even better then the world record battery electric driving. That record is held since 2016 by Horst Lüning (Germany).

Image: Fig. The team, from left to right, Arjan de Putter, Bart Mulder and Eric de Putter

The Dutchmen started on saturday March 24th at 11:05 hour from Tank & Rast Fürholzen-West in Munich. They then continuously commuted the A9 towards Nürnberg and vice versa. In doing so, they respected all speed limits.

There were always two people on board, a driver and a navigator. There was a change at every refueling, the third team member could rest in a camper that was taken with it.

The ride has been tracked with ElektriciteitTijdrit (

With the trip planning traffic density was included and the network of filling stations. According to traffic jams the trip has been amended. During the trip the stations of Fürholzen-West, Airport Munich, Pentloing, Ingostadt and Ulm have been visited.

With this world record attempt, the Dutch wanted to draw attention to the possibilities of hydrogen as emission-free fuel for passenger cars. In Germany there is now a network of more than 40 hydrogen stations. In the Netherlands there are three at the moment. The Dutch government has announced that it wants to open 7 new hydrogen stations.

The world record attempt was made with help from,, Van der Linden Group and H2.LIVE. is a Dutch blog about the transition to electric driving. In the past, they organized a successful world record attempt to drive electric cars (48 hours). is a Dutch platform that wants to encourage the transition to hydrogen electric driving.

The Van der Linden Group is a Hyundai dealer that made the hydrogen car available for this purpose.

H2.LIVE is an app that provides insight into charging points and route planning for hydrogen electric

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