Saturday, 24 March 2018

DAIMLER: Behind the scenes of fuel cell mobility

Source: DAIMLER, 21st March 2018,

Behind the scenes of fuel cell mobility:
  • Highlights: Key facts
  • Short version: Behind the scenes of fuel cell mobility
  • Interview: "The battery and fuel cell form the perfect symbiosis"
  • Fun Facts: Did you know that…
  • The pre-series model of the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL: first electric vehicle with fuel-cell/battery powertrain
  • The network of expertise: bundling expertise and securing know-how
  • Production of the drive unit: modern methods digitally documented
  • The road to series production: simulation, test rigs, road testing
  • Tanking and charging: the network of hydrogen and electric filling/charging stations is becoming denser
  • Cooperation for non-mobile fuel cell systems
  • Glossary: Key technical terms

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