Saturday, 10 March 2018

Analysis: Platinum's fuel-cell car bonanza proves elusive

Source: Reuters, 9th March 2018, by Jan Harvey

Jan Harvey reported, "(...) A number of major carmakers are building fuel-cell cars, but they are radically reducing the amount of platinum used - meaning the technology may not deliver the surge in demand for the metal that has long been flagged by some platinum producers and analysts. (...) Daimler’s new fuel-cell model, the Mercedes GLC F-Cell, already uses 90 percent less platinum than its previous fuel cell model, the B-Class F-Cell, which was launched in 2009. The automaker has reduced the size of its fuel-cell system by around one-third. “The latest model uses tens of grams per vehicle,” Dr. Joerg Wind, manager of energy systems analyses at the German carmaker, told an industry gathering in Tokyo last week. (...)"

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