Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Yuchai Grp and King Long Grp to develop new generation fuel cells and electrical drive systems

Source: "Yuchai Group and King Long Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement", Guangxi Yuchai Machinery, 6th February 2018, by Chen Xiaoxiao and Lei Jingyu

On January 8, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuchai Group) and Xiamen King Long Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as King Long Group) declared strategic partnership on new energy products. On behalf of their own companies, Xie Siyu, President of King Long Group and Wu Qiwei, President of Yuchai Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement on new energy products.

In this cooperation, two parties will work together to develop a new generation of hybrid power systems, fuel cells, and electrical drive systems and other high-end equipment. The new products are due to be released in 2019. Combining Yuchai’s sophisticated power technologies with King Long’s excellent capabilities of complete vehicle development and production management, the products will lead the market with the support of Yuchai’s all-round marketing and service networks.

As one of the first domestic companies to step into the field of new energy vehicle industry, King Long produced the first Chinese hybrid electric vehicle in 1997. Now, King Long holds a comprehensive product series of new energy vehicles including coaches and medium buses, light buses, and all sorts of special vehicles, all of which are powered by hybrid engines, fuel cells or electric motors. And nearly 50 thousand new energy vehicles have been sold in the past four years.

In 2016, Yuchai New Energy Power Division was established. From then on, Yuchai has been cooperating with the world’s top-notch enterprises in developing new energy power products. By benchmarking against its international peers, Yuchai maps out its strategies for the new-generation products of hybrid power systems, fuel cells and electrical drive systems. Its products will be rolled out to the markets soon with unprecedented competiveness.

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