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Hydrogen Mobility Australia Announces its Establishment and Appointment of CEO

Source: Hydrogen Mobility Australia, 2nd February 2018

Hydrogen Mobility Australia is pleased to announce its establishment as a voice of the hydrogen industry in Australia.

With a membership comprising vehicle manufacturers, energy companies and infrastructure providers, Hydrogen Mobility Australia will be a national body representing the emerging hydrogen sector.

Our vision is a hydrogen society for Australia built upon clean and renewable energy technology, including hydrogen powered transport.

To achieve this Hydrogen Mobility Australia will work to accelerate the commercialisation of new hydrogen and fuel cell technologies across the entire hydrogen value chain, including production, export and storage for transport and stationary applications in Australia and overseas.

We recognise that collaboration between industry and government will be essential to support this agenda and take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

To facilitate this Hydrogen Mobility Australia has established a collaborative forum made up of industry and government representatives to uncover opportunities and drive the future of the hydrogen sector in Australia.

To support the delivery of Hydrogen Mobility Australia’s objectives, we are delighted to also announce the appointment of Claire Johnson as the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer.

Ms Johnson has extensive experience in policy development and government relations across the private and public sectors, including most recently leading Toyota Australia’s advocacy for the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to Australia.

“I am honoured to be appointed as the CEO of Hydrogen Mobility Australia and look forward to working with its members to advance a hydrogen economy for Australia,” said Ms Johnson.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia Chairman, Ian Mutton, welcomed Ms Johnson and congratulated her on her appointment as CEO.

“Claire’s proven track record in building relationships with government and industry will be of great benefit to Hydrogen Mobility Australia as the hydrogen sector in Australia starts to build momentum,” Mr Mutton said.

“I am confident Claire’s leadership of Hydrogen Mobility Australia will position the organisation to be a highly effective advocate for its members. The Board of Directors is looking forward to having her lead the organisation.”

Hydrogen Mobility Australia’s establishment comes in the wake of a range of commitments made by governments at all levels to hydrogen projects. This includes ARENA and CSIRO announcing in 2017 that the export of renewable energy (in the form of hydrogen) will be prioritised by both agencies, and several hydrogen infrastructure projects announced in South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the City of Moreland in Melbourne.

These commitments demonstrate that hydrogen is set to play a growing role in the renewable energy space not only in Australia, but globally. With Australia’s competitive advantage in the supply of renewable commodities, hydrogen has the potential to be Australia’s next big energy export.

In the transport space, we are also pleased to note the Australian Government’s development of an approach to encourage the uptake of zero emission vehicles through the Ministerial Forum into Vehicle Emissions, led by Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy and Paul Fletcher, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities.

We welcome recent statements from Minister Frydenberg calling for improved co-ordination of federal and state governments to encourage the adoption of zero emission vehicles.

Minister Frydenberg’s recognition of the need for a co-ordinated plan to support the proliferation of green transport options in Australia is consistent with approaches taken overseas to reduce emissions by transitioning to a cleaner vehicle fleet.

Chairman, Ian Mutton said the Minister’s comments on electric vehicle support were very encouraging and a technology-neutral approach is a sensible way forward.

“While battery electric vehicles represent one technology option, fuel cell vehicles, similarly powered by electricity, present another genuine alternative for delivering reduced transport emissions for Australia.”

Hydrogen Mobility Australia looks forward to continuing to engage with the Australian Government as it develops its approach to zero emission vehicles and the hydrogen economy more broadly.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia members include BOC, BP Australia, Caltex Australia, CNH Industrial, Coregas, Hyundai Australia, ITM Power, Siemens, Toyota Australia and Viva Energy Australia.


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