Thursday, 15 February 2018

Ethiopia's Hydropower: GERD - Fingerprint of a New Generation

Source: "GERD - Fingerprint of a New Generation" The Ethiopian Herald, 1st February 2018

"(...) As a non-oil economy, the nation has to see different alternatives and utilize its natural resources to ensure its green development. Meanwhile, the construction of the GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - is the greatest step that the country has made and showed the whole world that its people are capable of alleviating poverty with their own capacity. (...) As the construction goes on a timely progress, the country is pinning its hope on the completion of the dam for better development. According to Engineer Simegnew Bekele, Manager of the Project, eradicating energy poverty means eradicating poverty itself. In this case, Ethiopia has been able to achieve different hydroelectric projects. "It is the only country that has inaugurated three hydropower dams in one year," said Simegnew adding this is an indicator that Ethiopians seek change and are committed for the achievement like the people anywhere else around the globe. (...)"

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