Monday, 29 January 2018

UK: Hydrogen fuel cell lighting towers recognised by Highways UK

Source: Taylor Construction Plant (TCP), 22nd January 2018

Taylor Construction Plant (TCP) has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Highways UK 2017 Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge (within the Urban category) for its Ecolite TH200 LED hydrogen fuel cell lighting tower solution. This innovation which has been developed in conjunction with BOC (Linde Group), uses HYMERA® fuel cell as a sustainable power source and has zero emissions.

TCP joined other finalists of the Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge at the recent Highways UK event, NEC Birmingham, in the Intelligent Infrastructure Hub (in association with Costain) to showcase their entry to the judges. During his presentation Simon Meades, Ecolite Product Manager, highlighted the green attributes of using hydrogen fuel cells for lighting towers as opposed to diesel:

“The main difference is the use of the BOC HYMERA® fuel cell which produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity and water. There are no carbon or particulate emissions as would be the case with a conventional diesel-powered generator. In addition, the process is virtually silent which is important for work at night, in built-up areas and enclosed spaces”

TCP was shortlisted as a finalist within the Urban category for providing an innovative technical solution to the London Air Quality Taskforce Challenge. The Ecolite TH200 LED hydrogen fuel cell lighting tower was recognised by the judges as providing an answer to off grid enhanced lighting for night work applications but also a unique solution to the environmental pollution concerns of today.

The judges included James Bulleid (Costian, representing the London Air Quality Taskforce), Barney Smith (representing Bristol City Council) and Adrian Ulisse (INRIX). Richie Stubbs, Intelligent Infrastructure Coordinator, Highways UK, reveals how TCP fulfilled the challenge:

“The judges were very impressed with TCP's presentation and saw the immediate benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell driven lighting tower in the drive to reduce emissions. The judges hoped that there would be further discussion between all the finalists and industry representatives as a result of presenting at the Intelligent Infrastructure Hub.”

Antony Oliver, former editor of New Civil Engineer and MC for the Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge commented: "The hydrogen fuel cell lighting tower is brilliant in its conceptual simplicity and is a great way of proving a clean energy technology that is bound to become more ubiquitous with many potential construction-related applications."

TCP is welcoming those involved with the Highways UK event who have projects with environmental challenges to trial the Ecolite TH200 product which has already been embraced by industries including rail, construction and film.

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