Thursday, 11 January 2018

How Hydrogen Could Help Clean Up the Global Shipping Industry

Source: Oceans Deeply, 10th January 2018, by Paul Tullis

Paul Tullis reported, "With their greenhouse gas emissions rising and regulations looming, shipping companies that transport nearly all of the world’s goods are looking at renewable fuel sources to power container ships. (...) These developments have the industry scrambling to adopt alternative fuels. Low-sulfur diesel and biofuels will probably make up the bulk of the substitution in the near term, but eventually, say shipping industry executives and energy experts, the fuel of the future for cruise liners, ferries and container ships will likely be hydrogen. Electricity generated from a hydrogen fuel cell to drive a motor produces no emissions, and when coupled with batteries and a device called an electrolyzer, the system can produce hydrogen from a resource that all vessels have easy access to: seawater. (...) But Scott Samuelsen, director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California, Irvine, sees electricity produced from hydrogen as the inevitable choice of the shipping industry for three reasons. (...)"

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Image: The Finnish Arctic research vessel Aranda will be retrofitted with a hydrogen fuel system. (University of Helsinki)