Saturday, 27 January 2018

H2 could account for nearly one-fifth of total energy use by 2050

Source: "POLITICO Pro Morning Energy and Environment, presented by GasNaturally: Politics take over in Bonn — China’s carbon trading plans — Acting on nature", POLITICO, 15th November 2017, by Sara Stefanini

Sara Stefanini reported, "(...)


Hydrogen could account for nearly one-fifth of total energy use by 2050, reducing annual CO2 emissions by around 6 gigatons compared to current levels, according to study released Tuesday at the COP23. The Hydrogen Council said the fuel could power 10 to 15 million cars and 500,000 trucks by 2030. It could also be used in industrial processes and feedstocks, heating and electricity in buildings and energy storage. That would push hydrogen demand up tenfold between now and 2050, to nearly 80 exajoules.

— But … we need money and policies: A scale-up like this requires some $20 billion to $25 billion a year of investments to 2030. It also needs long-term and stable policies, the Hydrogen Council said. The group is made up of 18 CEOs from international companies supporting the technology, including carmakers Audi, BMW and Daimler and energy groups Engie, Shell and Statoil. (...)


Tumbling solar and wind costs will boost the share of renewables to 50 percent of the energy mix of Germany and the U.K. by the mid-2020s, according to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance published Tuesday. However, the variable nature of renewables means that reliable back-up capacity will still be needed, either in the form of hydro power from the Nordics or energy storage solutions.(...)"

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