Thursday, 18 January 2018

AAQIUS launches new distribution model for STOR-H hydrogen cartridges

A world premiere: AAQIUS launches its new distribution model for its STOR-H hydrogen cartridges!

Source: "A world premiere: AAQIUS launches its new distribution model for its STOR-H hydrogen cartridges!", AAQIUS, 15th January 2018

Abu Dhabi, Monday 15 January 2018 – AAQIUS, an innovative company developing disruptive low-CO2 technology standards on a global scale in the areas of green transportation and zero-carbon energy, today presents its new STOR-H hydrogen cartridge distribution model at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi. With no need for special infrastructure, the STOR-H vending machine (connected and enabled with the smartphone STOR-H APP for users) provides hassle-free, low-cost, energy refills for 2- 3- or 4-wheeled, hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. 

AAQIUS has chosen the Swiss pavilion at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi to present its STOR-H hydrogen cartridge distribution model for the very first time (from the 15th to 18th of January 2018). The STOR-H hydrogen cartridge vending machine is revolutionizing green transportation with a breakthrough and profitable distribution model. This dispenser allows all users of hydrogen-powered vehicles that incorporate the STOR-H standard to change cartridges on their bike, scooter, 3-wheeled vehicle, or car in a matter of seconds — in the time it would take to grab a soft-drink can or insert a coffee capsule. The vending machine contains 200 to 800 cartridges of hydrogen at very low pressure, which makes handling completely safe, simple and inexpensive. 

The deployment of this breakthrough technology requires no special infrastructure. So, there is no need to equip gas stations with expensive and dangerous high-pressure hydrogen pumps inside cities. No need for expensive and burdensome charging stations on city roads. Consequently, its installation does not cost public authorities anything. The STOR-H vending machines will be installed in large retail outlets and local shops in urban and rural areas.

For the President of AAQIUS, Stéphane Aver: “Today, we are offering a new energy business model thanks to our STOR-H standard. Its distribution model revolutionizes access and energy consumption. STOR-H vending machines will be deployed in all countries that have chosen the STOR-H standard for their zero-carbon transportation needs. All urban and rural areas will thus be freed from the fossil fuel industry and its infrastructure constraints. Through these connected and automatic dispensers, we are making hydrogen accessible to everyone, everywhere and at all times.”

AAQIUS presents the STOR-H vending machine at the Swiss pavilion at the WFES
in Abu Dhabi from 15th to 18th of January 2018

Image: (From left to right - HE Khalifa Souhail Al Zaffin, Dubaï South Executive President ; Jean-Pierre Potel, Aaqius IT Platform & Supply-Chain ; Ismail Al Marzouqi, Dubaï South Vice-President – Asset Service and Energy Management ; Adil Gaoui, Aaqius Delegate Middle East & Africa)


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