Wednesday, 20 December 2017

We know polluting cars are killing us. So why do we put up with it?

Source: The Guardian, 11th December 2017, by Abi Wilkinson

Abi Wilkinson reported, "The evidence of the damage air pollution does is undisputed. We should come to see car journeys as a last resort. If petrol and diesel vehicles were invented today, what possible justification would there be for allowing unchecked ownership? Knowing all we do about the damage wrought by burning fossil fuels – both to our immediate health and to the long-term viability of our habitat – it would seem an act of obscene, destructive decadence. The idea of driving a monstrous, tank-like 4x4 a distance you could easily walk or cycle, and then sitting outside a school (a school!) with the engine still running, guzzling petrol and burping out poison into the surrounding air, would be seen as actively malevolent. (...)"

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