Monday, 4 December 2017

Engie plans to go green via biogas and renewable hydrogen

Source: Reuters, 4th December 2017, by Geert De Clercq

Geert De Clercq reported, "PARIS (Reuters) - French utility Engie plans to switch all of its gas operations to biogas and renewable hydrogen by 2050, making it 100 percent green, its chief executive said on Monday. (...) Engie wants to produce hydrogen gas with solar energy by electrolyze water at a price that would make it more competitive with steam reforming of hydrocarbons, which accounts for 95 percent of hydrogen produced today and costs about 2 euros per kilo, compared to 6 euros/kilo for electrolysis. (...) The company is looking abroad for gigawatts of solar capacity to produce hydrogen, investments that would likely require billions of euros, Holleaux said. (...)"

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