Monday, 4 December 2017

China shifted its support for battery buses to H2 FC vehicles

Source: "Trudeau kicks off China visit with tourism pitch, boost for Mississauga company",, 3rd December 2017, by Tonda Maccharles and Alex Ballingallo

Tonda Maccharles and Alex Ballingallo reported, "(...) Daryl Wilson, president and chief executive officer, said he has struck four contracts with Chinese companies since he came here on a trade mission with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne two years ago. That’s when China’s central government shifted its support for battery buses to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which prompted Chinese bus makers to seek out the Canadian technology, he said. Now his firm is en route to providing 1,000 of the hydrogen fuel cells to a Chinese research company that uses them to replace diesel-powered buses in cities like Beijing, with the first 200 units set to be installed this month, Wilson said. “The market in China is probably our largest market opportunity because of the very serious concern over air quality and the urgent need to get diesel off the road,” Wilson said. (...)"

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