Thursday, 9 November 2017

UK's biggest solar farm planned for Kent coast

Source: The Guardian, 9th November 2017. by Adam Vaughan

Adam Vaughan reported, "Subsidy-free plant would cover 900 acres of farmland near Great Expectations marshes at Faversham, dwarfing output of UK’s current largest solar site. (...) Cleve Hill, a mile from the historic town of Faversham, would have five times the capacity of the UK’s current largest solar farm and provide enough power for around 110,000 households if it comes online in 2020 as proposed. (...) Cleve Hill could have a capacity of as much as 350MW, though its backers said the final size had not been decided. (...) A medium-sized conventional power plant would generate around 1,000MW. (...)"

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