Saturday, 4 November 2017

H2 FC e-bike takes 2 min to fill and has a 60+ mile range

Source: "Hydrogen fuel cell e-bike takes 2 minutes to fill and has a 60+ mile range", treehugger, 1st November 2017, by Derek Markham

Derek Markham reported, "(...) The Pragma Industries αlpha electric bike, which the company says is "The first commercially available electrically assisted bike with a fuel cell" and worthy of a category of its own (FC-Pedelec), integrates the company's fuel cell technology into an e-bike that has "an unrivalled range of 100km on a single charge." The αlpha has a Brose 36V electric motor rated to 250W, which is fed by a "bridging" lithium-ion battery pack with 150 Wh of capacity, which in turn is charged by the onboard 150 W PEM fuel cell. The fuel cell runs off of a 2-liter compressed hydrogen gas cylinder, which can be refilled in about 2 minutes at a filling station made by Atawey, which Pragma contrasts with the several hour process of charging a conventional e-bike battery. (...)"

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