Friday, 17 November 2017

Finance the first hydrogen-powered bike!

Source: PRAGMA INDUSTRIES, 17th November 2017

An investment into a hydrogen economy makes sense.

You can become a shareholder of PRAGMA INDUSTRIES and finance a revolutionary electric bike, starting from just 100€ ($120 USD). The first homologated hydrogen-based electric bike, ALPHA will also be the first hydrogen-powered two-wheeler accessible to the general public.

A 100 kilometer range, a recharge time of only 30 seconds and zero CO2 emissions: ALPHA is a concentrate of innovations, fully in line with the energy transition. With its amazing performances, ALPHA will disrupt the electric bike market (15 billion euros), and thanks to you.

The realization of this world first is now being crowdfunded on

Join us ! It’s easy and fast.

You can contribute alongside us to the battle against global warming, via a unique industrial endeavor!

Hoping to count you soon among us,

Pierre FORTÉ,
CEO, Pragma Industries

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