Thursday, 30 November 2017

CMB Technologies Hydroville

CMB Technologies

Published on Oct 1, 2017

CMB technologies aims to develop new technologies and implement existing ones . It will help the CMB fleet to become more sustainable and cost-efficient in the future. The following three technology groups have already been identified to significantly reduce fuel oil consumption & emissions:
  • Waste heat recuperation (WHR)
  • Onboard smart grid (produce it wisely, use it when necessary)
  • Big data collection (measure and anticipate)
In June 2016, a project was initiated which focused on designing a small, fast vessel that operates on hydrogen and can bring employees to the head office. Hydroville is the outcome of this project.

Hydroville is the first certified passenger shuttle that uses hydrogen to power a diesel engine. Hydrogen has the advantage that no CO2, particulate matter or sulphur oxides are released when burning it.

The shuttle will be mainly used as a platform to test hydrogen-technology for commercial sea going vessels. In a first phase the Hydroville will transport people from Kruibeke to Antwerp during the rush hour to avoid traffic jams.