Wednesday, 4 October 2017

It's critical that the US defend fuel cell tech from Chinese pilfering

Source: The Hill, 10th March 2017, by Colin Hanna

Colin Hanna, "Thanks to the innovative American spirit, the United States is unquestionably the world leader when it comes to the development of an emerging, highly promising source of energy: fuel cells. But our position of global dominance is already in jeopardy due to the threat of hacking from China. China has recognized the value of fuel cell energy and is doing everything it can to obtain the technology and displace America as the leader in fuel cell manufacturing. Acquiring fuel cell technology is part of China’s five-year plan and the country is aggressively working to reach that goal. Since they haven’t yet been successful in developing it on their own, their investors are vigorously working to purchase it. (...)"

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