Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Convion and h2e Power Systems help power India by fuel cells

Source: Convion, 23rd October 2017

The Finnish fuel cell company Convion and the US h2ePower Systems have signed a co-operation agreement, which aims to provide renewable, highly efficient and emission free electricity to the Indian market.

To strengthen the commercialization of the fuel cell products in rural India, the world’s second largest micro-irrigation company Jain Irrigation Systems, has agreed to incorporate Convion and h2ePower Systems – developed fuel cells as part of their modern and sustainable agriculture strategy for small farmers as well as for food processing industry and contract farming in India. Jain Irrigation Systems will install India’s first biogas – based fuel cell system developed by Convion and h2e at their R&D facilities in Jalgaon, state of Maharashtra.

“We are excited by the opportunities the cooperation will open for Convion. The business synergies between the parties, combined with local presence and access to the vast Indian market, provide unique opportunities for us and success in India will support our commercialization efforts globally,” said Erkko Fontell, Chief Executive of Convion.

This installation will be a showcase for sustainable waste to energy model across rural India, aiding development of smart villages and boosting modern agriculture methods.

In India alone over 400.000 villages suffer from a lack of good quality and reliable electricity. Fuel cells enable power generation in remote locations without significant investments in grid infrastructure.

“Bringing energy security to rural India and thereby empowering the farmers and rural population is the principal focus of h2e. We are looking forward to making a difference to the lives of millions who live in energy starved conditions,“ commented Siddharth R Mayur, the Founder and CEO of h2e power Systems

For more information about Convion, please visit http://convion.fi