Friday, 22 September 2017

Shanghai: Development of fuel cell cars to get boost in draft

Source: "Development of fuel cell cars to get boost in draft", ECNS - Shanghai Daily, Editor: Huang Mingrui, 21st September 2017

Huang Mingrui reported, "(...) Under the guideline, Shanghai is set to build 5-10 hydrogen refueling stations and launch 3,000 vehicles, including fuel cell buses and logistics vehicles, by 2020. It also expects to attract more than 100 enterprises related to the fuel cell vehicle industry and establish a research and development center, with the annual economic output of the fuel cell industry reaching 15 billion yuan (US$2.3 billion). The number of hydrogen refueling stations will be raised to 50 five years later, when at least 20,000 passenger cars and 10,000 cars for special use are put into operation. By 2025, the annual economic output of Shanghai's fuel cell industry is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. (...)"

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