Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Climate Change, Migration, and Displacement - The Underestimated Disaster

Source: "Climate Change, Migration, and Displacement. The Underestimated Disaster."; A study commissioned by Greenpeace Germany; Hildegard Bedarff (Center for Research on the Environment and Development, University of Hamburg), Cord Jakobeit (Faculty of Business Economics and Social Science, University of Hamburg), May 2017

Hildegard Bedarff reported, "(...) The scope of the problem continues to be underestimated. Climate change is jeopardizing the livelihoods of more and more people. It is a risk multiplier. (...) Taking in migrants escaping environmental degradation is a matter of justice and solidarity. The countries and social groups in the Global South, which are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, have contributed the least to global warming. Therefore, the countries in the Global North are under the immediate obligation to multiply their efforts to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies. (...)"

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