Tuesday, 26 September 2017

America’s Factories Powering Africa’s Grids

Source: Power Africa, 25th September 2017

"(...) The future looks bright for many African countries, with the youngest population on the planet. It is projected that by 2034 Africa’s workforce will be larger than that of India or China, which also means more buyers for U.S. goods and services. As a result, Africa is viewed as among the world’s greatest growth opportunities, and U.S. companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. In September 2016, American investment in Africa was up 70% from two years prior (Bloomberg). (...)

Power Africa is a U.S. Government-led initiative launched in 2013 to unlock the substantial natural gas, wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal resources on the continent through partnerships. To date, Power Africa has leveraged over $50 billion in commitments from the public and private sectors, including more than $40 billion in commitments from the private sector. 7,200 MW that have reached financial close and have helped provide over 10 million connections, which means tens of millions of people have access to electricity that did not prior to Power Africa’s launch in 2013 while supporting U.S. jobs and U.S. businesses. (...)"

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