Thursday, 10 August 2017

German Onshore Wind Power: 70 TWh

Source: "German onshore wind power – output, business and perspectives", Clean Energy Wire, 6th June 2017, by Benjamin Wehrmann

Benjamin Wehrmann reported, "Onshore wind power is a central pillar of Germany’s transition to low-carbon energy generation. This factsheet gives insight into the industry’s most important actors, on public support of the technology as well as on the future of German wind power in a world that increasingly embraces renewables. [UPDATES Graph on annual fluctuation of wind power generation]. Germany has led the field in installing onshore wind power capacity in Europe for many years. More than 27,250 windmills producing about 70 terawatt hours (tWh) of power made for nearly one third of the continent’s total installed capacity and ten percent of global capacity in 2016. Expansion in that year to the tune of 4,625 megawatts (MW) accounted for nearly half of total European growth. (...)."

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