Wednesday, 19 July 2017

E.ON and Efficiencity bring fuel cells to the market

Source: E.ON, 18th July 2017
  • Customers can rent or buy innovative heating systems
  • Fuel cell solution produces heat and electricity at the same time
  • A high level of efficiency for climate protection

Many heating systems in German homes are old and no longer run efficiently. Modern heating systems not only reduce emissions of harmful substances, but also save cash. E.ON offers innovative, clean and efficient solutions for home refurbishments. Dr Frank Meyer, head of innovations & B2C solutions at E.ON SE: “Fuel cells are quiet, efficient and reliable, and their high efficiency makes a significant contribution to climate protection. When used in combination with bio natural gas as a source of energy, they perfectly complement the heating transition and also protect the environment.”

The compact fuel cell heating systems manufactured by Elcore simultaneously produce heat for space heating and hot water, as well as electricity. This way, the building becomes largely self-sufficient and more independent of fluctuating energy prices. “With Efficiencity, we have a technology partner that brings comprehensive fuel cell and contracting expertise. Together, we aim to introduce innovative heating systems to the market for the benefit of our customers,” explains Robert Hienz, managing director of E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH.

With the rental model – also known as contracting – customers pay less for the energy they need. Heat and electricity are generated for consumption directly on site, whilst the system itself remains the property of the provider. This means customers do not need to make large, one-off investments, nor do they need to worry about operation and maintenance. As part of the collaboration, E.ON is also supplying CO2-neutral, green natural gas for the operation of the fuel cells, improving the climate footprint even further. If customers already have a modern gas heating system in place but would still like to produce power and heat themselves, there is an option for retrofit contracting. Here the fuel cell and a storage unit are integrated into an existing system.

In March 2017, E.ON acquired a share in Elcore GmbH, a German manufacturer of fuel cell heating systems. In addition to this investment, E.ON and Elcore have further consolidated their collaboration and have acquired a share in Efficiencity GmbH. Efficiencity is the first provider of fuel cell contracting for private homes.

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