Wednesday, 26 July 2017

China: 18,000 orders for FC buses and delivery vehicles in first 5 months

Source: "Fuel cell vehicle sales boosting platinum demand outlook", Mining Weekly, 24th July, by Martin Creamer

Martin Creamer reported, "JOHANNESBURG ( – Growth potential for platinum is emerging in the rapid build-up off a low base of fuel cell electric vehicle sales. Fuel cell vehicle sales are expected to grow by more than 200% this year, with Japan targeting 200 000 fuel cell electric vehicles on its roads in 2025 and 800 000 in 2030. (...) The first five months of this year saw 18 000 orders for both buses and light delivery vehicles in China, which is targeting one-million fuel cell electric vehicle sales by 2030 – the equivalent of 300 000 oz of platinum demand. (...)"

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