Monday, 3 July 2017

Bill Gates, "It would be magical... "

Source: "Bill Gates: Artificial Photosynthesis Can Produce Clean Fuel for the Cars of Tomorrow", Futurism, 2nd July 2017, by Karla Lant

Karla Lant reported, "Artificial photosynthesis, a process that uses sunlight to produce hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, has potential Bill Gates calls "magical." If we can improve the efficiency of the process, we may produce ample clean fuel for the vehicles of tomorrow. (...) But what if we took a page out of nature’s book, and figured out how to use sunlight to produce hydrogen for fuel? “If it works it would be magical,” Bill Gates told Reuters, “because with liquids you don’t have the intermittency problem batteries. You can put the liquid into a big tank and burn it whenever you want.” (...)"

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