Sunday, 30 July 2017

54 degrees C (129.2 F) in Pakistan on May 28

Source: "As Asian Scorchers Multiply, Records Fall and Attention Rises", The New York Times, by Salman Masood and Mike Ives

Salman Masood and Mike Ives reported, "ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Residents of Turbat, a remote town in southwestern Pakistan, have had to cope with punishingly hot weather for generations. But when the mercury climbed to 129.2 degrees Fahrenheit on May 28 — potentially the hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia — relief proved elusive, partly because Turbat suffers from regular electricity shortages. (...) “It got so hot that people here said that there is no difference between Turbat and hell,” Noroz Bin Shabir, a student from the town, said by telephone. “It was like a fire was burning outside.” (...)"

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