Saturday, 24 June 2017

South Australia: $9 million to begin hydrogen roadmap

Source: Government of South Australia, 23rd June 2017

The South Australian Government is continuing to support the transition to a low- carbon economy through a $9 million commitment centered on implementing the first stage of the State Government’s Hydrogen Roadmap.

The initiative provides $8.2 million over four years for Stage One of the roadmap, which begins with the construction of a hydrogen production facility, refuelling station and a trial involving six hydrogen-fuelled buses.

The 2017-18 State Budget also funds:

  • $500,000 towards a partnership with the Adelaide City Council to support the installation of battery systems in laneway businesses to help manage power demand.
  • $200,000 for 10 parking spaces with electric vehicle charging facilities.
  • $75,000 for electric vehicle recharging stations.

These measures will also support the ambition to make Adelaide the world’s first carbon-neutral city.


The state’s clean and green reputation – crucial to sectors such as tourism and premium food and wine – has been achieved, in part, because of the State’s leadership in clean-energy generation and recycling.

Last year’s budget implemented reforms designed to boost the waste and resource recovery sector and improve the recycling rates.

These reforms are yielding benefits this year and have helped enable the funding of these climate-change initiatives.

Reducing emissions, improving recycling and better reusing resources are also central to achieving a more circular economy.

An independent report released in May 2017 showed that a circular economy for South Australia could result in an additional 25,700 jobs by 2030.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis

The South Australian economy – like the economy of the nation as a whole – is transitioning towards a low-carbon future.

By positioning ourselves as a leader in that transition and embracing new technology, we can ensure we are at the forefront of attracting the investment and job opportunities these new technologies bring.

We have seen that in recent months when the world’s leading battery storage companies turned their attention to investing in what we are doing with Our Energy Plan here in South Australia.

By supporting the hydrogen and electric-vehicle industries, we can also be a leading player and create jobs in these growing sectors.

Quotes attributable to Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter

Tackling climate change, improving the environment and economic growth aren’t mutually exclusive terms.

Our state has shown you can cut emissions while attracting investment and growing jobs, and this budget builds on these past successes.

These measures will help us achieve the full potential a low-carbon economy offers.

We’re backing future industries and ensuring our state benefits from the clean energy revolution happening around the world.

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