Monday, 12 June 2017

Fuel cells are a better than batteries for heavy vehicles

Source: "Hydrogen-powered cars move onto the starting grid", The Engineer, 12th June 2017, by By Stuart Nathan

Stuart Nathan reported, "(...) “There’s nothing wrong with FCEVs,” he added, “but you don’t get the best advantages from cars; those come from heaver vehicles such as buses, taxis and lorries that do longer distances, and from refuse trucks.” This relates to another change in circumstances since the early 2000s – rising concern about air quality in cities, often blamed on larger vehicles powered by diesel engines. With FCEVs producing only water vapour in use, this problem is avoided. “These vehicles don’t need a whole refuelling network; they need depots equipped with refuelling that would be established and operated by local authorities, and if they were available to the public at certain times of day, they could form the kernel of a distribution network.” Fuel cells represent a better way of electrifying heavy vehicles than batteries, Dodds said. Batteries are heavy and as more are added to a vehicle to expand its range, eventually they add so much to the vehicle’s weight that the opposite happens. (...)"

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