Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MMC Drone with New Technology and New Deals

Source: MMC, 23rd May 2017

Chinese commercial drone manufacturer MMC introduces drone tether system, aviation academy, and a $10m deal from the mid-east.

Commercial drone manufacturer MMC is growing at an exponential pace, announcing a new drone solution, one of the only AOPA certification academies in China, and a $10m deal for their innovative hydrogen drone technology.  MMC’s significant investment in research and development is paying off, for their clients and the drone industry.

The T1 Tether System (

Starting with their hydrogen fueled drone, MMC has been a major contributor to industry development in overcoming the limitations of battery power. Now MMC introduces the T1 Tether System, a direct power supply system providing drones with unlimited endurance – a potential 7× 24hrs flight time.

“MMC has taken an active role in eliminating the endurance bottleneck of Li-Po battery powered drones,” says Leo, Liu, MMC’s CEO.  “The T1 Tether System provides an inexpensive solution for extending flight times and drone applications – it opens up a lot of opportunities.”

Supporting prosumer drones including MMC’s TDrone 1200 and a variety of drones from major manufacturers, the system is the most cost-effective tethered solution on the market. The integrated design combines the tethering system with MMC’s unique plug-and-play payload solution, and is customizable to meet customer requirements. The T1 tether system is perfect for applications including persistent aerial surveillance, temporary telecommunications, traffic monitoring, and industrial inspections.

Aviation Academy (

With offerings for both commercial and recreational fliers, MMC’s Aviation Academy, located at MMC’s state of the art compound, is one of the only AOPA certification programs in China.  The Academy offers training classes in a variety of areas including pilot certification, assembly and repair, and payload management.  The program also supports enterprise: coursework in Power Line Inspections, Power Line Stringing, and other industrial applications provide career opportunities for pilots and help customers get their drone programs off the ground.

New Clients, New Opportunities

Since launching the first hydrogen fuel cell drone last year, MMC has received major attention from industry – culminating in a $10m dollar deal for their hydrogen drones.  As the hydrogen drone market develops, MMC is facing the challenges of new technology: certification, finding suppliers, and logistics costs.  As the industry matures, the company hopes to partner with other companies serving the hydrogen fuel sector.

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