Friday, 26 May 2017

Many countries are ready to leapfrog - hydrogen has 'massive long-term potential'

Source: "France's Engie says hydrogen has 'massive long-term potential' for power storage", The Sydney Morning Herald, 25th May 2017, by Dan Murtaugh

Dan Murtaugh reported, "(...) The micro-grid was expected to be operating by October, with hydrogen storage capabilities added next year, Mr Holleaux said. Engie sees big opportunities for such micro-grids in South-East Asia, especially in the Indonesian archipelago, where nearly 1000 islands have populations that don't have access to traditional power plants. "It's a region that's open to innovation," Mr Holleaux said. "Many countries are ready to leapfrog directly from no power at all to a completely decentralised type of power, rather than going through the traditional centralised, interconnected network." (...)"

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