Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lake Chad: Violent conflicts directly linked to climate change

Source: "The Lake Chad Basin Crisis: A Slow Burning Fuse", The Gate (University of Chicago), 23rd May 2017, by Mitchell Dennis

Mitchell Dennis reported, "(...) As water resources dwindled, ethnic conflicts developed between groups within and across nations. For example, when Nigerian fishermen moved into Cameroon in the 1980s in order to get closer to the lake, violence erupted between Nigerians and Cameroonians in Darak village over water. Even among populations of the same nationality, disputes over water have turned violent. Yakubu Mama, a Fulani herder, saw ten of his relatives killed by Eggon farmers in Nigeria in 2013. This violence was directly linked to issues of water scarcity as farmers and herders compete for smaller and smaller portions of water to sustain their livelihoods. (...)"

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