Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lake Chad shrunk by 90% - climate change drives millions from their homes

Source: "The small African region with more refugees than all of Europe", The Guardian, 26th November 2017, by Patrick Kingsley

Patrick Kingsley reported, "Hunger follows displaced people around north-east Nigeria, as Boko Haram and climate change drive millions from their homes. (...) But according to several interviewees, including the local governor, this social alienation was partly fuelled by rapid climate change. North-east Nigeria borders Lake Chad, a vast inland lake that supplies water to about 70 million people in four countries – Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger. But since the 1970s, it has shrunk by 90% – from 25,000km2 to less than 2,500km2. And those who live near its former shores say this shrinkage is one indirect cause of violence in the region, and the subsequent displacement. (...)"

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