Friday, 26 May 2017

Hydrogen fuel cells sync will with self-driving cars

Source: "Elon Musk hates hydrogen, but automakers are still investing in it — and for good reason", CNBC, 26th May 2017, by Robert Ferris

Robert Ferris reported, "(...) Living with an EV requires you to modify your behavior," Scott said. "You have to think about where you are going to charge, and you have to think about how far you can go on that charge. And that is why, today, most people who buy [battery] EVs report that it is their second or third vehicle. Today, 94 percent of the people who buy the Mirai are reporting that they are replacing their primary vehicle. That is a very, very clear indication of people's mindsets. One they view as a replacement to their current vehicle, another they view as a supplement." (...)  A lot of people are saying hydrogen fuel cells sync well with something else coming up fast: self-driving cars. (...)"

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