Thursday, 25 May 2017

Horizon Fuel Cell: Increased demand for long-duration backup power for Telcos

Source: "Mobile Signals are crystal clear for Horizon as cellular players latch onto Fuel Cell systems", Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, 23rd May 2017

Now well established in the 3-5kW space, expect to see higher power backup power systems from Horizon in the near future

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, May 23, 2017 / -- Singapore, 23 May, 2017: Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is responding to increased demand from multiple countries for clean, long-duration backup power for telecommunications asset owners. The latest validation of Horizon equipment sees significant sales into China and the Philippines, with more than 150 fuel cell systems destined for cellular network operators in the coming six months.

The Horizon portfolio of Fuel Cell solutions enables asset owners to choose from multiple options on system design, power needs and backup duration. Customers can also choose from hydrogen based or methanol based Fuel Cell systems. These latest contracts were landed for several different system configurations over a range of power outputs from 1 to 5kW.

Horizon is a global leader in the supply of PEM Fuel Cells up to 5kW, and has recently announced the launch of individual Fuel Cell stack modules up to 30kW, pushing Horizon further up the power curve and opening many opportunities in stationary power generation and automotive power.

Horizon’s latest-generation methanol based Fuel Cell (MFC) systems couple the well-proven Horizon PEM Fuel Cells with a durable and reliable reformer for in situ hydrogen generation on demand. This helps asset owners avoid the typically costly exercise of supplying hydrogen for field deployments.

Meanwhile, Horizon has long been a major supplier of PEM Fuel Cell stacks that can run on compressed hydrogen, which suits those deployments enjoying economic access to hydrogen, or with alternate means of generating hydrogen for backup requirements.

Horizon Fuel Cell systems frequently replace diesel generators for backup power requirements, a familiar sight when extended duration backup or secondary backup is required. The MFC systems use a lower cost and much cleaner fuel than diesel, operating on a blend of methanol and water. The environmental benefits of such systems are enormous, and what’s even more incredible, industrial customers can enjoy operational cost savings even while enjoying the substantial environmental upside.

Hydrogen based systems offer even stronger environmental credentials, totally eliminating Carbon emissions.

Infrastructure asset owners aren’t the only ones to enjoy the move to Fuel Cells, with neighbors nearby enjoying the elimination of unpopular diesel generator traits of noise, smell, particulate emissions and vibration.

Fuel Cell systems have long been touted as a way forward for extended duration backup power, but adoption has been slow due to uncertainties around system performance, lifetime, etc. As Horizon and other Fuel Cell vendors supply more products into critical infrastructure backup, we can expect to see an acceleration in the adoption of Fuel Cell technologies.

About Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies:

Horizon is a world leader in PEM Fuel Cell systems, and in recent years coupled methanol reformer technology with its PEMFC platform to deliver highly reliable, cost-effective temporary and backup power systems.

Horizon is active predominantly in China and South-East Asia in the area of backup power, but has partners delivering their clean power solutions in many other markets.


Craig Knight
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies