Friday, 28 April 2017

UK High Court: Government Must Publish Air Quality Plan Now

Source: Medact, 28th April 2017, by Alice Munro

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Yesterday the government lost their appeal to the high court, which requested permission to delay the release of their Air Quality Plan until after the general election. 

The government was originally ordered to release the Air Quality Plan by 24th April at the very latest. Though they've had over five months to produce it, they only requested an extension the day after the snap election was announced.   

This delay has generated scepticism about the Government's commitment to tackling air pollution. This concern was only exacerbated by the Government's case for the delay, which claimed that presenting an Air Quality Plan would amount to a 'controversial bomb' that has no place during an election campaign.

We are still the only group to have received a response from Theresa May confirming that she understands the harms associated with diesel emissions. We will continue to make the case for diesel phase-out in our response to the air quality plan when it is released on 9 May.

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Alice Munro


Publish air pollution plan NOW, judge tells ministers as Government loses High Court bid to delay contentious proposals until after General Election

Source: Daily Mail, 28th April 2017

Daily Mail reported, "(...) Contentious plans to tackle Britain's dangerously toxic air must be published before the General Election, the High Court ruled yesterday. (...) ... a judge ruled yesterday the Department for Environment's failure to meet a court deadline imposed last year was unacceptable as pollution was a public health emergency killing thousands of people each year. (...)"

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