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MINES ParisTech: Recruitment of a researcher with experience in hydrogen energy sector

Source: "Recruitment of a researcher with experience in energetics (hydrogen energy sector)", MINES ParisTech (École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris), website - April 2017

MINES ParisTech is hiring a researcher with experience in energetics (hydrogen energy sector)

To develop its research and teaching activities in the hydrogen energy sector, MINES ParisTech is creating the position of an Energetics Researcher.

This permanent position is suitable for an experienced male or female researcher with a keen interest in multidisciplinary work overlapping fundamental research and the industrial sphere. The chosen candidate will have the opportunity to work closely with economic circles and take part in the contractual research carried out by his or her team. If accredited to do so, he or she will also have the possibility to supervise or perhaps direct PhD research.


In line with its teaching activity, MINES ParisTech develops research that encompasses a very broad set of disciplines. Its 18 research centers are organized into 5 departments: Earth Sciences and Environment; Energy and Processes; Mechanics and Materials; Mathematics and Systems; and Economics, Management and Society.

Research at MINES ParisTech aims at both academic excellence and socio-economic impact. This targeted research model is developed in close interaction with the socio-economic sphere: private and public companies, along with public institutions and administrations. MINES ParisTech is the leading university in France in terms of volume of contract research, driven by ARMINES, the MINES ParisTech Foundation, and MINES ParisTech. This original positioning has seen the School expand its teams (recruiting teacher-researchers on permanent contracts with its own resources via the contractual research association ARMINES), and allows it to maintain unique experimental and digital platforms whose quality is recognized by its partners.

This capacity of MINES ParisTech to work together with companies on ambitious scientific and industrial subjects is acknowledged nationally and internationally. As examples, in 2016, the silver CNRS medal awarded to Madeleine Akrich, two industrial ANR chairs, renewal of the Carnot label in 2016 (MESR), MINES ParisTech 23rd in the QS World University Rankings by subject and in the top 100, 150 and 300 of the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.


The vacancy is at the PERSEE Center ( The Center’s staff currently comprises 26 permanent employees (of whom 18 are scientists) and 22 PhD and post-doctoral students. The PERSEE Center intends to expand its staff in 2017. PERSEE is located at the Sophia Antipolis science and technology park close to the towns of Antibes, Cannes and Nice.

The PERSEE Center’s field of expertise concerns new energy technologies (NETs) and renewable energies (RE). Its research strategy is based on a “micro/macro” approach ranging from (nano) materials to energy systems. It is built around three structuring themes: i) materials and components for energy, ii) sustainable processes and technologies for converting and storing energy, and iii) renewable energies and smart electricity grids. The associated research is carried out by the groups MATPRO (“Materials and Processes for Energy”) and ERSEI (“Renewable Energies and Smart Grids”).

PERSEE is also actively involved in teaching and training. It is notably responsible for the “Machines and Energy” minor of the master in science and executive engineering (IC) syllabus at MINES ParisTech, and the “Energy and Processes” doctoral specialty at the SMI Doctoral School. In addition, it is in charge of  two  internationally oriented Post Master’s on renewable energies (ENR) and international energy management (ALEF), created respectively in 2002 and 2007 by the Center, and it coordinates the Chinese-European Master’s, CARE (Clean and Renewable Energy).

The MATPRO group mainly works on the PERSEE Center’s two main research areas, i.e. “materials and components for energy” and “sustainable processes and technologies for converting and storing energy”. Research is developed around the close links between processes and associated materials in: i) thermal insulation and innovative envelopes (especially in buildings), ii) hydrogen energy technologies and low- temperature fuel cells, iii) plasma technologies (hydrogen and carbon blacks coproduction, CO2 retroconversion) and energy storage.

The group also carries out studies in the renewable energy field, i.e. conversion of wind power, hybrid multi - energy systems used in the hydrogen sector (e.g. photovoltaic-electrolyzer-fuel cell generator coupling), direct conversion of solar energy into hydrogen (photo(electro)lysis, or water splitting) and passive solar components of building envelopes.

The (nano) materials produced and studied by MATPRO essentially concern metallic oxides (SiO2, TiO2, SnO2 matrices), crosslinked polymer matrices (resorcinol-formaldehyde, polyurethane, cellulose derivatives, etc.) and nanostructured carbons. They result from sol-gel processes (aerogels) and plasma (carbon blacks, fullerenes, nanotubes).

The vacancy is with the MATPRO group.


The ideal candidate will have demonstrated his or her capacity to carry out academic studies, partnership projects and industrial collaborations in the hydrogen energy sector. The candidate should be capable of working autonomously to generate, manage and foster innovative collaborative projects and identify external resources through partnerships with different actors in industrial and academic spheres.

The PERSEE Center intends to enlarge its team in the field of electrochemical processes for energy conversion and storage. In the short/mid term, this involves taking responsibility for the “process/systems” activities concerned. Since all of these activities constitute a way of storing energy in chemical form, in the mid term it will also involve denser coupling of this type of storage with electricity production processes using renewables (wind, solar).

The research mission will focus on the systemic aspects of the MATPRO group’s activities linked to the hydrogen sector. This includes among other things studies carried out on: i) PEMFC-type low-temperature fuel cells for all types of application (transport, stationary, etc.), stacks and auxiliaries as part of the balance of plant (recirculation of hydrogen, cooling, etc.), ii) electrochemical compression/purification, and iii) reforming and storage of hydrogen, and possibly iv) direct cell/battery hybridization. Given projections, activities are likely to rapidly integrate hydrogen production systems using electrolysis (or even plasma technologies) and coupling with renewable energy sources.

The individual recruited will be expected to be closely involved in establishing new direct partnerships with industrial actors in the domain, both on local and international levels. The recruit will also have a mission to actively contribute to extending PERSEE Center’s academic partnership networks. He or she will also take part in working groups already active in the hydrogen and fuel cell domain in bodies like the Joint Technology Initiative FCH (research grouping N- ERGHY), the Joint Program Hydrogen and Fuel Cells set up by the  European Energy Research Alliance  (EERA), and the Association Française de l’Hydrogène et des Piles à Combustible (AFHYPAC).

The chosen candidate will be expected to develop his or her own creative research program based on these themes, participate in teaching different courses aimed at students and engineers, supervise doctoral students, and publish in top journals and international conferences.

The candidate will contribute to a range of courses and training schemes at the School. In particular, from the start, he or she will participate in lessons on the hydrogen energy sector and fuel cells as part of the recently created courses at the PSL Research University (Université de recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres) - pre-doctoral ITI year and Energy Master’s) - and our Post Master’s in the field (ENR and ALEF). The individual will also take part in minors of the MINES ParisTech IC program ("Machines and Energy" and “Processes and Energy”) as well as MIG courses updated annually. He or she will be involved in tutoring students on IC program, Master’s and Post Master’s, as well as in research through training for PhD students.

The chosen candidate will be encouraged to set up new courses on energetics that will enrich the School’s teaching program.

Specific characteristics
This position is suitable for an experienced researcher who has graduated from a top engineering school or university, holds a PhD in energetics, has a keen interest in the hydrogen energy sector, and 5-10 years’ experience of electrochemical systems and processes. He or she will be expected to have proven skills in electrotechnics, heat transfer, fluidics, electrochemistry and systems modeling. Significant experience in a research laboratory other than that in which s/he carried out his or her PhD, preferably at an institution or foreign laboratory, would be strongly appreciated.

The candidate must have a proven capacity for teamwork in order to develop research activities in collaboration with teams at the PERSEE Center, other laboratories in France and overseas, academics and industrials. The candidate will help to set up, create and/or coordinate projects combining theoretic and experimental research, modeling and numerical simulations. The individual must have demonstrated an ability to take responsibility in scientific and/or teaching, and organizational situations.

A solid command of spoken and written English is imperative.


Applications must include the following items :

  • A cover letter,
  • The scientific project proposed, connected to PERSEE Center’s research,
  • A detailed CV,
  • A list of research and publications,
  • Thesis and defense reports (and, if relevant, those relating to accreditation to supervise research),
  • If possible, three letters of recommendation addressed to us directly by the referees chosen by the candidate (at the very least, the application must include the names and contact details of three scientific referees who may be approached to give an opinion on the candidate’s research and competencies).

The application should be sent to the following address by 30 June 2017 at the latest:

Centre PERSEE - MINES ParisTech,
1 rue Claude Daunesse - CS 10207,
F – 06 904, Sophia Antipolis cedex, France

For the attention of the Director of the Center, Mr. Arnaud RIGACCI, and the head of the MATPRO group, Mr. Christian BEAUGER and/or (preferably) by e-mail to and

For further information, candidates may contact the human resources department at the School and/or Mr. Christian BEAUGER.

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