Thursday, 6 April 2017

London's Sadiq Khan: £12.50 charge 24 hours a day for old diesel cars

Source: Medact (Medact is a non-profit organisation and registered charity for and of health professionals), 4th April 2017, by Alice Munro

Yesterday, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced plans to expand the ultra low emission zone in London so that from 2019 diesel cars that are over four years old will face a £12.50 charge 24 hours a day, with an additional £10 charge during the normal congestion charging hours.

This is just one of the proposals in a consultation document on the ultra low emission zone that can be responded to here.  We’d encourage any London-based supporters to respond, and we’ll be sharing our own response to the consultation as a guide once agreed.

While this news is a decisive step towards cutting emissions, Prof. Jonathan Grigg commented that “to maximise the effectiveness of this initiative, the Government must now act to remove the current toxic fleet of diesel cars, vans and buses from all our roads”.

Meanwhile, a new joint study by Greenpeace and The Guardian has identified that more than 2,000 schools and nurseries nationwide are close to roads with damaging levels of diesel fumes.   One of the founder members of Doctors Against Diesel, Prof. Chris Griffiths is quoted in coverage of the study here.

On 6th May we're planning a small action to draw attention to the still highly polluting newer Euro 6 standard diesel cars, which make up 45% of new car sales, and which will be exempted from these proposed charges.  We’re still finalising details but would love more people to get involved – please reply to me if you’re available in London that day and interested in joining us (

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