Friday, 17 March 2017

(Em)Powering Africa

Source: LinkedIn, 22nd February 2017, by Isabelle Kocher

Isabelle Kocher reported, "Africa really reflects the challenges of better energy access, but also the formidable hopes and opportunities made possible by technology and innovation. (...) I believe that Africa is at a turning point here. I am convinced that universal, affordable and reliable access to modern energy is within the continent’s reach. (...)

For my part, I see at least three reasons to be optimistic.

  1. First, as some political leaders have decided to address the energy issue, better regulation is being implemented in a number of African countries.(...)
  2. Next, there is the structural decline in the production costs of renewables, which is making it possible to tap into the vast resources of Africa. (...)
  3. Lastly, I am impressed by the vitality and audacity of innovation in Africa, which is helping to overcome difficulties long held to be insurmountable. (...)"

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Image: West Coast One wind farm, South Africa. Photo credit ENGIE / HAVAS / NIXON ANDY