Saturday, 18 March 2017

Accomplishments of a World Leader in Fuel Stack Development

Source: AFCC (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation), website - March 2017

AFCC is a joint-venture between Daimler and Ford Motor Company. AFCC also works closely with fuel cell systems developer NuCellSys GmbH and Daimler’s fuel cell stack manufacturing group at Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cells, co-located with AFCC in Burnaby, BC.

Automotive fuel cells are currently one of the most viable technologies capable of achieving a significant long-term reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles and relieving us from our dependence on oil.

By providing the best balance of cost, performance, robustness and durability available, AFCC’s goal is to make the automotive fuel cell an affordable and reliable zero-emission solution in the 2017 timeframe.


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