Thursday, 5 January 2017

TNEI: 15 planning consents for the construction of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations across the UK

Source: "TNEI gains 15 planning consents for the construction of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations across the UK", TNEI, website - January 2016

Specialist, independent energy consultancy, TNEI has successfully achieved 15 planning consents across 11 sites throughout the UK for the construction of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) on behalf of ITM Power PLC, a manufacturer of integrated hydrogen energy systems. TNEI’s experience and expertise in this field has enabled a smooth passage through the planning consent process.

The most recent planning permission secured on behalf of ITM Power was for a refuelling station in South Bucks District Council at the Shell Filling Station, Beaconsfield. The HRS will be integrated into the existing fuel forecourt. This HRS will form part of a project with Shell to construct these stations within a number of their forecourts, which, in turn, forms part of the H2ME project and the OLEV HRS Infrastructure Grants Scheme, co-funded by the FCH JU and the UK government.

A fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) uses hydrogen as a fuel for generating electric power on-board the vehicle, producing no harmful exhaust emissions – only water vapour. FCEVs provide the potential to decarbonise road transport, create new economic opportunities, diversify national energy supply, and reduce significantly the local environmental impacts of road transport.

The widespread use of FCEVs will afford a number of air quality and environmental health benefits, in addition to CO2 emissions savings. Reductions in air pollutants relative to diesel and petrol vehicles, in particular oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), will deliver improvements in air quality and hence the overall health of the UK population.

Chartered Town Planner, Liz Russell of TNEI noted that “We are delighted to have worked on the planning applications for these projects. Given the fantastic benefits to the environment of hydrogen fuelled vehicles, it is great to see the support of local planning authorities in granting planning permission and also encouraging to see that the UK Government is funding grant schemes to allow these projects to get off the ground. Long may it continue!”

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power commented: “It is great to have worked so productively with TNEI and to have achieved planning approval for so many sites. Our UK network of hydrogen refuelling stations is expanding rapidly and we value our partnership with TNEI going forward.”

TNEI is working to deliver low carbon transport projects across various stages, including planning, consenting, forecasting and comprehensive studies. Vehicle transportation has a severe impact on global climate change and TNEI aims to assist on projects which find sustainable and viable solutions to accelerate the UK’s move towards a low carbon economy.

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