Thursday, 5 January 2017

Automotive execs: 62% believe BEVs will fail and 78% think fuel cells are the future

Source: KPMG’s 18th consecutive Global Automotive Executive Survey 2017, website - January 2017

KPMG reported, "(...) Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will fail due to infrastructure challenges while fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are seen as the real breakthrough for electric mobility. Even though battery electric mobility is ranked as the most significant (#1) key trend, the key issue with pure battery electric vehicles seems to be setting up a user-friendly charging infrastructure leading the majority (62%) of executives to believe that BEVs will fail. In contrast, a significant amount of 78% of executives believe fuel cell electric vehicles will be the golden bullet of electric mobility while also ranking it under the top 3 key trends. The faith in FCEVs can be explained by the hope that FCEVs will solve the recharging and infrastructure issue BEVs face today. (...)"

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