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SOLIDpower and KEPCO: More fuel cells for the energy revolution in South Korea

Source: "More fuel cells for the energy revolution in South Korea – cooperation agreement between SOLIDpower and KEPCO", SOLIDpower Group, 15th December 2016

Mezzolombardo (Italy) / Gwangju (South Korea), 15 December 2016

At the beginning of November, the SOLIDpower Group – located in Italy, Germany and Switzerland – signed a MoU with the giant KEPCO Korea Electric Power Corporation for a greater share in the fuel cell technology as part of the energy revolution in South Korea. The corporation, more than half of which is owned by the Korean government, is responsible for up to 93 per cent of the country’s own electricity supply. It sees its task mainly in extending the further use of localised fuel cell technology on the basis of proven SOFC systems, fundamentally through research and development. The country is already a worldwide leader in the use of fuel cell technology. With this collaboration both contracting parties will be working on the scaling up of system sizes and driving the commercialisation forward as fast as possible.

High-ranking representatives both from the government and from within the ranks of the country’s industry and universities were present at the formal signing of the agreement by Dr Alberto Ravagni, CEO of the SOLIDpower Group and Dr Dongseob Kim, President of the KEPCO Research Institute. The agreement was signed during the BIXPO Energy Trade Fair in Gwangju – an important event for the Southeast Asian region. With a view to the future among other things, this agreement serves to secure the continued leading role of KEPCO in fuel-cellbased energy generation for South Korea and beyond, above all for micronetworks and smart grids.

The first development project launched with €1.8m

“To tackle energy generation over the long term, you need to bring reliable yet highly efficient systems to the market through research and development. It’s also important to remain competitive through attractive pricing,” said Dr Dongseob Kim at the signing ceremony at the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center Dr Alberto Ravagni, CEO of the SOLIDpower group, emphasised that, “With the joint research and development and our know-how in the manufacturing of highly efficient SOFC systems we provide all the synergies needed for such large projects to flourish.”

The project development for both contract partners, which will be located in the Bitgaram Energy Valley – a business park with more than 100 other companies and start-ups –will begin with a package of €1.8m. Here, in the south westernmost part of the country, all parties involved are in agreement on the objective: to drive forward the South Korean energy revolution with a combined effort.

Image: All set with plenty of energy: Dr Dongseob Kim (left), President of the KEPCO Research institute and Dr Alberto Ravagni, CEO of the SOLIDpower group, agree to put fuel cell technology on a broader basis for supplying energy to South Korea, with the joint research and development of new SOFC systems.

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