Friday, 30 December 2016

Goodbye 2016, Goodbye Diesel

Source: Symbio FCell, website  - December 2016

Goodbye 2016, Goodbye diesel

2016 has been a pivotal year for the automobile industry. After the mediatic Dieselgate scandal, pressure with European regulations, new market trends and needs for an eco-friendly solution to improve air quality, we’ve seen a clear shift from a diesel to electric mobility investment.

EU CO2 objectives from 2009 were defined to ease investments for manufacturers in the plug-in hybrid intermediate technology. However, car manufacturers such as Nissan, Renault, and Tesla opted for a 100% battery solutions, and Toyota, Hyundai and Honda for a 100% hydrogen solutions. Both 100% electric vehicles are the only solution for a 100% zero-emissions tailpipe. But they are slowly taking-off compare to plug-in hybrids due to the lack of infrastructure.

Deployment of infrastructure for electric vehicles underway…

Charging infrastructure has long been identified as key to widespread adoption of electric vehicles. In theory, more hydrogen refuelling stations and electric charging points developed, more possibility for manufacturers to sell zero-emission vehicles. The right infrastructure generates a level of vehicle production, which would dramatically decrease the price of fuel cell as we can see now on battery for electric vehicles.

In reality, well, we are on good tracks: 1/ The business model works at a small scale with some subsidies like clusters of fleet of commercial vehicles and taxis 2/ As Engie is now demonstrating, it is cheaper to refill cars with hydrogen and electricity made with renewables, locally produced with clean energies like wind, solar and hydro.

Need for a clear European regulation

Today, we need to expand this business model to a large scale and create a self-sustainable market. For this, we need clearer European regulations to enhance green mobility within a sustainable economy. The California ZEV Regulation can be taken as a good example.

Our solution: 100% electric, battery + hydrogen

At Symbio, we believe that the solution will simply be in 100% electric. A clever mix between battery and hydrogen will bring the flexibility of use for electric vehicles. The battery will bring energy at a lowest price, when it will be abundantly available and possible to refill in more than 30mins. Hydrogen will give autonomy and ultrafast charge enabling all kind of vehicle usage, as demonstrated with our Kangoo ZE H2.

Our mission: to smoother this transition for you

Symbio provides 100% electric and therefore 100% zero-emission mobility solutions, which meet current needs of urban areas seeking to improve air quality without affecting their economy.

Thanks to the efforts of our engineers, we have enhanced the quality of our support team to bring you a better service at all time and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting in Symbio. Our objective number 1 has always been to fulfil your needs and we work every day to improve in this task while respecting our values.

We have been standing together to ensure the creation of a new era by innovating, and transforming dreams of a green mobility into reality. As a dedication for the coming year, I would like to wish you a happy New Year 2017 and all success in achieving our common goals.

Fabio Ferrari,

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